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Cold Rolled Coils & Sheets

Cold Rolled Coils & Sheets

Cold rolled coil is a type of steel product manufactured from the cold rolling process. These have significantly different types of characteristic compared to the 'black steels' or hot rolled coils. Cold rolled coils have better surface quality, thinner and with more precise size, and also have good mechanical property and excellent formability.

Cold Roll Steel in this category is generally used in the formation process. This material has better formability, weld ability, and roughness quality. These white steels are also used for applications in the galvanizing (zinc-coating) and enamelware (porcelain-coating) industry, and are used as basic material for making tin mill black plate food cans in the food beverages industry.


Cold Roll Steel is generally used in Racking, Shelving, Water Heaters, Electrical Motors, Commercial Doors, Drums, Major Appliances Pools and Lighting Ballasts etc.



0.30mm up to 1.80mm


1000mm up to 1500mm

Internal diameter


Steel Grade

JIS G 3131 SPCC 

Coil Weight

4metric ton up to 12 metric ton

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