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Acoustic Generator Enclosures
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Acoustic Generator Enclosures

1. Containers:

Protect your generator by enclosing it inside a customized container.

Containers provide an ideal operating environment by protecting generators from harsh weather conditions while providing common backup power accessories such as circuit breakers, automatic transfer switches and fuel tanks.

Diesel Service and Supply provides simple container solutions offering fuel tanks, mufflers and sound attenuated enclosures, louvers as well as more complex configurations which can include auxiliary electrical components, multi-voltage configurations, and even a walk-in maintenance door.

Whatever your power generation needs we can provide below enclosure Type for your generators:

  • Weatherproof

  • Sound Attenuated

  • Walk-in Door

  • 20 Foot :  700KVA - 900KVA

  • 30 Foot : 1000KVA 

  • 40 Foot : 1000KVA – 1250KVA

  • Enclosure with base fuel tank (custom built)

  • With motorized Louvers and with CO2 suppression system

  • With remote radiator

  • Power Box

2. Silencers

A device for reducing the amount of noise emitted by the exhaust of an internal combustion engine. We offer complete line of silencers for noise control in industrial and HVAC applications.

Silencers have been designed, tested, and manufactured to ensure the highest performance and most efficient operation at an economical price. 

We manufacture:

  • Industrial Silencer: 12-15 Insertion Loss

  • Residential Silencer: 18-20 Insertion Loss

  • Critical Silencer: 23-25 Insertion Loss

3. Motorized Louvers and damper

Motorized actuated louvers and dampers are available when the use of outside air is required to generate the high-expansion foam blanket. Intake dampers and weather hoods provide a means of supplying outside air to the generator through either the roof or wall of the protected space.We manufacture dampers as per customer specification

4.Fuel Tank

Fuel Tanks are designed to fit above the ground but below the base of the generator set. Diesel fuel tanks are rectangular in cross section and constructed using heavy gauge welded steel. Installation is simple and in most case you remove the rubber fuel lines from your existing tank and fit them on to the new tank with hose clamps. 

The fuel tanks have air vents and are not pressurized, most generators have built in fuel tanks but, when more fuel storage is required, these diesel tanks are one option to choose from.

  • Above ground rectangular tank, with or without UL design

  • Above ground cylindrical tanks, with or without dish-end

  • Double walled/bunded tanks

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